What is the EVOKE® process?

Financial planning done well, allows you to align your money with your life.  Money is a tool. We want to use it optimally. So before we determine what we should do with your money, it is vital that we take time to focus on what matters most in your life.  

At Stone Steps, we take clients through the EVOKE® process to do just that.

What is EVOKE®?

What if we all lived our most inspiring lives? What if each day, we challenged ourselves to live into our dreams?  EVOKE® is an acronym for the Financial Life Planning process that helps us live life to our fullest.

Each letter stands for a meeting in which we have structured conversations, complete inspirational exercises, or take actions to help you identify what your ideal life looks like and work toward living into your dream.

EVOKE® was developed by the Kinder Institute of Life Planning.  

E for Exploration

In the exploration meeting, plan to have a conversation.  One in which you are truly heard and you dream big. Don’t hold anything back.  This is an opportunity to put all of your ideas and dreams on the table. What matters most to you?  It sounds rather simple, but in real life it is very rare for us to take the time and space to think, and verbalize, all of our hopes and dreams.

If you have a partner, you both get the opportunity to speak and be heard.  There is nothing better in life than having a fulfilled partner. If one of you is fulfilled and the other is not, neither of you will live to your fullest.

At the end of this conversation, you will feel heard, perhaps more deeply than you have in a very long time.  You will be asked to complete two inspirational exercises; the Three Questions, and the Heart’s Core Grid.

V for Vision

In the Vision meeting, we discuss your answers to the Three Questions and Heart’s Core grid. This is the meeting where you prioritize your goals and begin to bring them to life.  Together, we paint the picture of your life with everything as you want it to be.

If you have a partner, you both get your own vision of a great life.  We will know if we have it right. When we do, you will feel energized by your future.

After this meeting you are asked to do another inspirational exercise; Ideal Day, Week, and Year.

O for Obstacles

In the Obstacle meeting, we will look at what could possibly get in the way of you living your life to the fullest.  By identifying the obstacles and then tackling them head on, we are starting to create your financial life plan. We also discuss your Ideal Day, Week, and Year and compare your ideal life to your current life.

Between this meeting and the next, we ask you to complete one more inspiration exercise; Goals for Life

K for Knowledge

In the Knowledge meeting we connect your money with your life with your Financial Life Plan.  With the clarity of your life plan as a lens, we use financial planning and investment management techniques to align your money with your life.  We also discuss your Goals for Life and the steps that you will take immediately to reach them.

E for Execution

Now that your Financial Life Plan is in place, it is time to act!  With the energy and inspiration of your ideal life, we work together to help you bring your vision to life as quickly as possible.  

From here, Stone Steps will serve as your guide. We will check in on your progress and be there to help you if you go off course or something changes.  

The key is to take the time to think about what is most important to you and go after it.  Dare to dream. We only get one life, so we best make the most of it.

Next Step: Find your clarity

You can go through this process on your own at Life Planning For You or you may schedule a time here if you prefer to have guidance.