Backdoor Roths, Quarterly Taxes, and Deep Work


Please find our first video in which we break down planning topics to help you understand financial tactics and strategies you may employ in your life.

In this week’s video, we look at what a backdoor Roth Contribution is, how it is done, and we also discuss the pro-rata rule.

Financial Updates

A friendly reminder that quarterly estimates for Federal taxes are due on September 15th.


Stone Steps Team Updates

Mary recently celebrated her 1 year anniversary at Stone Steps!


Mary is such a joy to work with. She also happens to be a wonderful human being and we couldn’t be happier to have her on the team. Her attention to detail and passion for lifelong learning helps our clients plan better and live better.

Congratulations Mary! Here’s to another trip around the sun as an integral part of the team!


This week we are keeping Deep Work as the resource. This book is so in tune with helping us all excel in the modern world. Scott just finished rereading the book while taking notes along the way.

Deep Work by Cal Newport

The premise of Deep Work is: “The ability to perform deep work is becoming increasingly rare at exactly the same time it is becoming increasingly valuable in our economy. As a consequence, the few who cultivate this skill, and then make it their core, will thrive.”

We couldn’t agree more. Deep Work > Shallow Work. But we have culture and society making it difficult to do deep work. This book provides insights on how to bring deep work into your life.